We hire and train exceptional students to lead our fund on their campuses The strength of our family is our diversity of thought. We bring on students from across different universities, programs, and degrees.

Around the Creator Fund table we have MBA’s who share their business expertise, Computer Science students who are skilled in mobile, web and cloud technologies, Medical students with strong medical research backgrounds and Design students who thinks in terms of product.

Meet our team

Edward Kosasih

Cambridge, PhD Machine Learning

Edward is a PhD student at the Institute for Manufacturing and Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery. His research focuses on using machine learning to extract insights from graphs and networks. He is the current president of Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC). He also co-founded a renewable energy startup based in Singapore and Indonesia.

Max Alteg


Max is studying his fourth year in Engineering Physics specialising in Quantum Technology at KTH. His interest is in the future applications of quantum mechanics in which Quantum Computing plays an important role. He also works as a Risk & Performance Analyst at AP3 (Third Swedish National Pension Fund

Viktor Barry


Viktor is a third-year Industrial Engineering and Management student specializing in Financial Mathematics at KTH. He has experience working with business development, strategy and transactions within the tech sector through internships at Boston Consulting Group and Intel in Silicon Valley. Additionally, he has worked as a strategy consultant for a biotech startup, helping them pivot towards solutions within virtual clinical trials.

Sami El Amrani


Sami is a medical doctor trained at Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Stockholm, Sweden with an interest in healthcare digitalization and innovation. During his time at KI he founded the network "Medical students for Innovation and eHealth" and was a member of the national board of The Swedish Society of Medicine working with eHealth governance. He is currently working as an intern physician and doing research at KI focusing on the use of digital tools in clinical cardiology and acute care.

Iain Mackie

Glasgow, PhD Computing Science

Iain previously worked as a Quantative Trader, has consulted on technology-focused research projects, and founded a successful e-commerce start-up that supports one of the UK's fastest growing brands. He holds an MA in Applied Economics from the University of St Andrews, an MSc in Data Science from the University of Edinburgh, and is currently pursusing a PhD at the University of Glasgow, focusing on machine learning within information retrieval.

Contact Iain: [email protected]

Ekaterina Shatalina

Imperial, PhD Clinical Science

Kat is a neuroscientist who has worked on developing a digital diagnostics solution for improving mental health at the MedTech SuperConnector. She has also worked on digital innovation strategy at COMPASS pathways and as a clinical research scientist at Affect.AI. Her doctoral research is focused on applying novel ways of imaging the brain to understand schizophrenia and autism.

Contact Ekaterina: [email protected]

Joe Brown

Oxford, PHD Artificial Intelligence

Joe is a third year Creator Fund student. He helped to launch Moonshot Launchpad, an innovation programme at UCL to create a vibrant community of young founders and support early-stage student-led start-ups. He has since had summer experience consulting and as a software developer for Deutsche Bank. He holds a BSc in Mathematics and Physics and a MSc in Machine Learning from Imperial and his current research focuses on how machine learning can be applied to the energy industry to reduce carbon emissions.

Contact Joe at: [email protected]

Adrian Signell

Kings, PhD Virology

Adrian is a clinical research scientist with expertise in viruses and genomics and recently worked with the NHS and a biotech start-up to develop and evaluate COVID-19 testing. He also holds a governance role at King’s College London. His current research focuses on discovering novel therapeutic targets in HIV-1 infection and he is passionate about biotech, medtech, and social impact ventures.

Contact Adrian: [email protected]

Bronwyn James


Bronwyn has worked with and advised various startups, primarily in the technology and fitness sectors. She previously worked in strategic finance at Equinox, a chain of luxury fitness clubs. Prior to that, she worked for KKR and Morgan Stanley.

Contact Bronwyn: [email protected]

Adriana Vitagliano

MBA, Oxford

Adriana is a Forté Foundation fellow at Saïd Business School and recently co-founded [email protected], an initiative focused on enabling entrepreneurial thinking throughout the broader Oxford community. She brings core expertise in M&A, strategy and operational transformation from a career in consulting in NYC and in growth strategy at startups in the UK.

Contact Adriana: [email protected]

Leonie Von Loeper


Leonie has co-founded a fintech startup, specialised in the provision of a digital pension product, after having won the 1st prize at the inaugural Financial Times x Bocconi pitching competition. In addition to the fintech sector, she has gained deep experience in the Tech & Media sector through working at an early-stage social network start-up.

Kate Arzhevikina

UCL, Undergraduate

Kate is Director of the UCL Venture Capital Fund. She interns at Plug and Play Ventures, a Silicon Valley VC, focusing on startups across verticals including FinTech and Health Tech. She also has experience working in FinTech at Goldman Sachs and was recognised as the winner of the Financial Times Talent Challenge 2020.

Contact Kate: [email protected]





Akhila Denduluri

PhD Chemistry, Cambridge

Akhila is a Gates scholar and investigating the electrical interactions within living systems at a cellular level. She has extensive experience in health tech and working with interdisciplinary student teams to commercialise research. She has also built a talent platform to connect student entrepreneurs across the UK. Akhila is interested in socially-impactful translational ideas and need-driven innovation, which have the power to bridge the gap between availability and accessibility of technological solutions on a global scale.

Contact: [email protected]

























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Alessandro Masante

LSE, Undergraduate

Alessandro is a second year Creator Fund Student. He is the President of the LSE SU Venture Capital Society, is deeply embedded in the startup scene at the LSE, and has experience with working with early stage companies. He has previously interned at Barclays Investment Bank in the Equity Capital Markets division as well as at a boutique financial advisory firm, Kon Group.

Contact Alessandro at: [email protected]

Marc Moesser

Oxford, PHD Machine Learning

Marc is a second-year Creator Fund investor and an Ideas 2 Impact fellow at the Saïd Business School and the co-founder of the Oxford Venture Capital Network, focused on connecting stakeholders of the startup scene in Oxford and beyond. Previously, Marc interned as a management consultant at EY-Parthenon in Munich where he focused on the Life-science sector. He holds a MSc. in Biological Chemistry from ETH Zurich and a BSc. in Biochemistry from Heidelberg University and in his current studies is developing novel machine learning methods for the early stage drug discovery pipeline.

Contact Marc at: [email protected]