Europe’s Next Great Startup

We believe that Europe’s next great startup is being dreamed up in a laboratory or dorm room somewhere across the continent right now.  We have set up Creator Fund to find it.

In the US, many of the great tech companies were born on college campuses. Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Yahoo… all started by student founders. Founders who benefited from support, early access to capital, and a campus culture that fosters entrepreneurship.

As a Dorm Room Fund Investor at Stanford I saw firsthand what the Americans are getting right. DRF has pioneered a model where they train students at top universities to find and invest in deals from their peers. The principle is simple: who knows better whether a student founder is on to something special than their lab partner? Who will spot opportunities earlier than the person sitting next to the founder in class?

That’s why we’ve spent the last two months building a team of the UK’s highest performing students across its top universities. Around our investment table on Sunday evenings, will be a Computer Science PHD from Oxford, a Medical Doctor from Cambridge, a Serial Entrepreneur from LBS, among many others.

 Each student will source deals from their campus, and receive rigorous training in how to evaluate deals.

We have also built a network of experienced founders, practitioners, and investors, who will support our founders after they have received Creator Fund backing.

From the UK, we head next to Germany, and then onwards across the continent, as we build the first pan-European student fund.

This continent has some of the greatest universities on the planet. They have been incubators for world-changing ideas since the Middle Ages. We have built this fund to help the student creators of today, turn ideas into Europe’s next generation of great companies.