Refund Giant

Over $26 billion of VAT refunds are left unclaimed by tourists visiting Europe every year. Confusing paperwork and long airport lines mean most people don’t know how to claim. Refund Giant is an app-based service that syncs with credit cards to issue fast and automatic refunds.

Alex and Shawn are an inspirational team out of Imperial that are disrupting the complex world of tax refunds. The team were accepted onto the Y Combinator program in Silicon Valley, and YC and Creator Fund are the first investors in the company.

The team were discovered by the CF team on campus at Imperial, with our unique student investor-led model allowing us to find exciting university founders like Alex and Shawn earlier than anyone else. And our Student Lead from Aberdeen, Jai Taylor, has since joined the team to help with marketing.

CEO Alex Zhou said “We chose Creator Fund because of the value-add that they bring in terms of hands-on support, resources, and connections with universities. Jamie and the CF team have been instrumental in helping us bring our service to market by rolling up their sleeves and getting into the marketing weeds with us.”