When it comes to strokes time is life. Every minute that a patient is not being treated means oxygen is not going to the brain and the chance of long-term disability increases.

POCKiT diagnostics is developing a fast blood test for stroke patients. The test can take place inside an ambulance in 20 minutes, providing critical information to a doctor before a patient reaches hospital. They have already raised over £500,000 in grants, and Creator Fund is the first institutional investor.

The team is made up of Cambridge-based scientists & entrepreneurs. Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Edoardo Gaude is a PHD from University of Cambridge and an expert in biomarker identification, CEO Gonzalo Ladreda comes from Judge Business School, and Chief Scientific Officer Marcos Ladreda is an expert in point of care test development.

Creator Fund CEO Jamie Macfarlane said “Gonzalo, Edoardo & Marcos are the type of founders Creator Fund exists to back. They have deep technical expertise from their studies, they have converted laboratory innovation into real world traction, and have a clear vision for how they will transform stroke treatment.”

Early tests have shown POCKiT diagnostics’ biomarkers can rapidly diagnose strokes with an extremely high degree of accuracy. Importantly, these biomarkers are also more accurate than CT scans in identifying ischaemic strokes. This is where CT scans are least effective, and there is a major problem of misdiagnosis: 30% of suspected stroke patients actually don’t have a stroke. This delays treatment of the real stroke patients and contributes to death and disability.

POCKiT diagnostics has the potential to transform the way we treat strokes, complementing the current use of CT scans, with faster testing & more accurate diagnosis of ischaemic strokes. The team were finalists at [email protected] and runners-up of Santander Entrepreneurship Awards 2018.

CEO Gonzalo Ladreda said: “It’s a very exciting moment for all of us. Creator Fund is a visionary team that will help us to grow. They share our ambition and passion for entrepreneurship and science. That’s why they are an excellent investor for us”.

Creator Fund’s student-led investing model, utilises university students to find the best deals from among their peers. And this deal was found by the fund’s student investor at Cambridge, Dr. Jacques Li. Jacques said “As a trained medical doctor I am thrilled that we made our first investment in a MedTech startup. The University of Cambridge is known for producing world-class Biotech and MedTech startups, and Creator Fund will have a big impact in helping them succeed.”