Enso Connect

Your Home on Autopilot. Enso Connect is a home management software that leverages smart home devices, AI communication, and top management services to provide a seamless experience to homeowners, property managers, and guests in the short term rental industry – think Alexa meets property management combined with all the top services for your home in a single application.

Enso Connect is solving the fragmentation in the software segment of the travel space and the time spent managing vacation rentals.

Their differentiation is the synchronization of tasks. By creating a software that automates tasks, homeowners and property managers are able to allow Enso Connect to take care of everything that otherwise would have fallen upon them. With their one stop shop software, homeowners can automate everything from checking in, checking up, checking out, to getting the cleaning team.

Francois and Peter, are both based out of Toronto and were discovered by the CF team, as Francois is pursuing his masters at the University of Cambridge. As the EO City of Toronto Entrepreneurs of the Year, Creator Fund invested in Enso Connect because we were impressed by the product vision and drive of the two young entrepreneurs. Alessandro Massante who helped lead the deal for CF said “We invested in Enso Connect because Francois and Peter are both exceptional and resilient founders who will without a doubt lead the the home management automation space, a space that will grow significantly in the next few years are we further converge towards shared economies.”

CEO Francois Gouelo said “We chose the Creator Fund because they don’t just provide financial investment. The continuous feedback they provide on our strategies, the network they have opened us to, and the resources they share are directly contributing to our growth and success.”