Class of 2020

Creator Fund is the first pan-European student-led VC fund. Europe has the best universities on the planet, and we believe that the next great startups are being dreamed up right now by students in laboratories, class rooms and lecture halls across the continent. 

We’ve built Creator Fund to find them. 

The best person to support student founders is not an outside investor that suddenly appears on campus at a one-off event. It’s the classmate working with them in the lab, sitting next to them in the lecture hall or discussing ideas late into the night in their flat.

That’s why we have built a team of some of the UK’s smartest students to identify, support, and invest in student startups across UK universities. We are thrilled to introduce you to our Creator Fund Team of 2020. 

For every startup we invest in, we want to have someone on our team with relevant deep commercial and technical knowledge. That’s why we have a PhD in machine learning at Oxford, a PHD in Chemistry from Cambridge, MBAs at LBS who’ve founded their own global businesses companies and more that have worked at some of the UK’s leading VCs. Our student investor at UCL has also been recognised as one of the top student leaders in the UK. 

Our team hails from 6 different nationalities. We have built this team to bring the greatest diversity of perspective, experience, and background together around one investment committee table. 

We believe such diversity of perspective is key, giving us the ability to not only source, understand and diligence the most exciting student ventures, but also effectively support them post-investment. Unlike other funds, as we’re all students ourselves, we also understand everything that our founders going through – whether its living on quick-cook noodles for weeks on end or having to balance your degree with your business, we’re here to support them on this journey.